The PopuList offers academics and journalists an overview of populist, far right, far left and Eurosceptic parties in Europe since 1989. The PopuList is supported by the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies, The Guardian, and the ECPR Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy.

The PopuList dataset has been used in numerous publications in academic journals and public media.

Vote shares of populist, far-right and far-left parties (+ combinations weighted by population size)

The PopuList 2.0 (Data)

You can inspect the data through:

The full dataset (including borderline coding and links to ParlGov, Manifesto Project and Partyfacts) can be accessed via the following files:

The old version of The Populist (version 1.0, January 2019) can be accessed here.


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Rooduijn, M., Van Kessel, S., Froio, C., Pirro, A., De Lange, S., Halikiopoulou, D., Lewis, P., Mudde, C. & Taggart, P. (2019). The PopuList: An Overview of Populist, Far Right, Far Left and Eurosceptic Parties in Europe. www.popu-list.org.

The PopuList Team

Matthijs Rooduijn, University of Amsterdam (contact m.rooduijn@uva.nl for questions, comments and suggestions); Stijn van Kessel, Queen Mary University of London; Caterina Froio, Sciences Po; Andrea Pirro, Scuola Normale Superiore; Sarah de Lange, University of Amsterdam; Daphne Halikiopoulou, University of Reading; Paul Lewis, The Guardian; Cas Mudde, University of Georgia; Paul Taggart, University of Sussex.

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